Ever thought about that some webpages work the same as a standalone desktop application? Web services like Google Analytics and Google Docs work just like a standard desktop application and wish no physical installation. They are known as wealthy internet application and nowadays many web development and design companies are with such platforms to provide superb, reliable and highly functional webpages.

Wealthy Internet Applications or RIAs are delivered either with the aid of a internet browser or browser plug-in and therefore are developed using a few of the known technologies for example Java Forex, AJAX, Flash, Adobe Flex or Microsoft Silverlight. RIAs can handle supplying possibilities to provide better consumer experience with assistance of modern technologies a wealthy internet application developer makes it easier to use and faster.

Most wealthy online applications are build using AJAX or Flash. Technologies like Microsoft Silverlight and Java Forex will also be used. RIA enables users to do functions for example drag, inline editing as well as using interactive maps. Unlike conventional page based internet applications, RIA can offer better selection of controls to provide better, faster user interaction and error management. Conventional HTML based internet applications with radio buttons or check boxes cannot provide enough usability to users. Online applications are faster and does not require page reload or refresh just of all traditional HTML based internet applications.

Today many modern website uses RIA-style user interfaces. A number of them are listed below:

Google Maps,

Google Docs,

Backpack It,

Odeo Enterprise,

Google Analytics, and


RIA enables users to gain access to helpful information/contents on a single page rather of the new page. Confirmation, error messages as well as feedbacks are created on the page within. This really is one major advantage because you can do not have to open a brand new browser window to gain access to all of those other content. RIA has got the capacity to have interaction with data as well as manipulate it, rather of presenting or visualizing it. Additionally, it has the ability to provide provide real-time status indicators whenever background processing requires.

Wealthy internet application web design is difficult and needs lots of technical expertise to complete it effectively. Utilization of certain concepts could make this task tiny bit simpler. They are listed below:

Keep your application lightweight,

Must use Transitions,

React immediately,

Allow it to be direct,

Try in which to stay the page.

Wealthy internet applications are usually built on Adobe’s Flash Platform because it offers complete integration of RIA development technologies and it is the key solution with this job too. Other platforms that may also be used are Adobe’s LiveCycle ES and ColdFusion.