Six Media makes use of latest software and best hardware when it comes to maintaining safety and security during Virtual AGM Singapore. The best and most interesting aspect is that it offers for absolutely safe and secure setup to carry on with the business meetings in a professional manner. The shareholders can attend the event from anywhere in the world using any device and they just need to have an internet connection. The participants are required to register their attendance a few days prior to the Virtual AGM after which they are provided with the unique login credentials. It also goes on to maximise the security of carrying out the meeting online by ensuring that every single attendee who enters the meeting was meant to attend it. Attendance is recorded electronically through the attendee’s login credentials.

The platform allows the meeting participants to submit their questions via text, and vote on resolutions in real time at any point during the AGM webcast. It brings down disruptions to the proceedings of the AGM webcast without limiting interaction with other shareholders and organisation executives during the course of meeting. It carries on reliable broadcast of your Virtual AGM Singapore and direct transfer of live information such as questions of the attendees and polling answers.