Pitching up soon? If you’re planning a camping trip in the UK, it’s essential to be prepared. You can only stay comfortable with the right gear, and sometimes that means you’ll need to do a bit of research before you pack your bags.

If you’ve never been camping before, it’s a lot to learn. But knowing how to choose the most suitable equipment will give you a better overall experience, so it’s always worth getting familiar with the basics.

How to pack for a more enjoyable camping trip

  • Your core setup

Firstly, you should think about your shelter and sleeping equipment. When it comes to choosing a tent, you need to ensure that your tent not only offers enough space for everyone on your trip but can withstand the weather too. Mid-range tents make a reliable option for family camping on campsites, but if you’re planning to go wild camping on exposed hillsides, you should look for a premium option.

Tent groundsheets, often called footprints, can give you more warmth on cold ground. Furthermore, you should choose a sleeping bag with a suitable temperature rating and use an inflatable mat or camp bed for extra comfort.

  • Cooking and food essentials

Food supplies will fuel your adventures. Make sure to pack main meals, snacks, and other essentials like condiments and seasonings if you’re planning to stay out there for a long time. If you’re heading out into the wild, long-life or specialist camping meals could be the most convenient way to stay fuelled.

For larger group trips on campsites, cooking equipment could be invaluable. Portable grills and barbecues will expand the culinary possibilities while camping, but you should check the relevant guidelines and rules at your campsite first.

  • Safety and emergency supplies

Staying safe on a camping trip should be your main priority. Don’t underestimate the importance of items like first-aid kits, emergency repair tools, and additional supplies for any unexpected situations. Spares and repairs could come in very handy.

After you’ve driven to the campsite or local area, you never know when you might need mechanical parts and supplies. If you’ve packed a lot of luggage, you never know when you might need bungee cords to safely attach luggage to your car, caravan, or trailer.

  • Lighting and power sources

When the sun goes down, you’ll need additional lighting if you’d like to be able to set up and chill out in the dark. Solar-powered lanterns and battery-operated lights make wonderful additions to any camping setup but remember to only bring what you can easily carry with you.

Power banks make a sensible choice for shorter camping trips or festivals. If you’re staying on a campsite with a large group of friends or family, you may choose to bring a portable generator for reliable and cost-effective power.


Food, shelter, and power make any camping experience much more comfortable. No matter where you’re headed, you should always try to think of the safest, most sustainable ways to transport your luggage and reduce waste once you arrive.