One of the most common mistakes made by users who start sending emails to specific addresses is trying to gather all possible email address combinations and trying to use the mail server as a gambling roulette game. Sending emails to non-existent addresses can end very badly. The same goes for continuing to send emails to addresses where the user has identified the mailing as spam.

The first thing that can happen is to restrict the mailing. The second step is to block the commercial address temporarily or even completely. It will not be easy to restore it. And in some cases, you will have to buy a new domain name for the mailing, because this option may be under a complete blocking from the service providers.

That’s why tips on how to find correct, valid, real email addresses are very useful. And they will help with the main task of filling the newsletter with valid data. In the experts’ publication at, you can read about how to make searching for potential users’ addresses automated or how to find a specific address manually. But we will focus on the most important question – why such a search is important not only from the point of view of blocking due to “spam mailing”.

Saving money and other resources

Only at first glance, it seems that sending lots of emails to phantom addresses is a fun and useful solution. And that at some point it might end up with a positive result. In fact, it is just the opposite. Using a large number of different addresses, selecting them, systematizing them, controlling the responses, increases the time it takes to process completely meaningless data.

Thus, the company wastes a large amount of qualified employees’ time just to exercise in matching:

  • non-existent acronyms;
  • phantom domains;
  • fake names, names.

In addition, the constant use of working computer equipment, communications, software for irrelevant search, increases the depreciation of existing fixed assets of the enterprise. Therefore, it is much more rational to use the matching method only in exceptional cases and to search for a specific user, who is valuable for the company. Or use automated address search systems, which are promising leads for the company in terms of cost, efficiency, competitiveness.